Service processes

The Medical Treatment Process for International Patients

  • 01
    Prior inquiry consultation

    Email or phone inquiries, filling in the basic questionnaire

  • 02
    Answers about the treatment plan

    Estimated treatment duration & estimated cost of treatment

  • 03
    Additional inquiry consultation

    Advanced consultation about treatment
    Optional video check up

  • 04
    Arrival & airport pick-up

    Arrival schedule notification, airport pick-up

  • 05
    Treatment & examination

    Introducing outpatient treatment & hospitalization
    The accommodation information provided for an accompanying guardian

  • 06
    Outpatient or hospitalization treatment

    Interpretation for treatment and in-ward check-ups.

  • 07
    Introduction to discharge

    Medical guidance for discharge
    The issuing & translation of documents

  • 08
    Departure & send-off

    Airport send-off, introduction to departure

  • 09
    Post-treatment management

    Observation of progress and consulting inquiries about re-treatment

Services provided

To facilitate patients’ receipt of prompt examination and treatment, we provide interpreters, along with guidance and consulting services for international patients during the reservation, treatment, registration, examination and treatment stages of their time with us.

Resident Coordinator Service
  • 01 Interpretation & translation for international patients to assist with their medical treatment
  • 02 Introduction to outpatient service, hospitalization and discharge.
  • 03 Airport pick-up and send-off
  • 04 Prompt consultation via email & phone inquiries
  • 05 Provision of information on treatment plans & estimates of treatment charges
  • 06 Making reservations for outpatients or examinations.
  • 07 Provision of administrative assistance for visa applications
  • 08 Provision of information on transportation, accommodation and tourism.
  • 09 Hot-line services during holidays.
  • 10 Post-treatment care.
Visa Medical Examination

We will fill out the English language medical examination forms required by educational institutions in each country.

Global Insurer Membership Service

We have contracts with international insurers who specialized in; payment guarantees, patient transportation, tourism services, etc. and who provide prompt and reliable services for international patients who are members.