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Nasaret International Hospital is located about 30 minutes drive from Incheon International Airport and is the first general hospital across the Incheon Bridge. It is located in Incheon International City, the hub of medical tourism in Northeast Asia.

Wolmido Amusement Park, Sorae Port, Liberty Park, Chinatown, Songdo Central Park, etc. are popular with foreign patients and are easily accessible from our hospital. We can provide tourist information and city tour program information for those who want to go on visits.

Other Things to do in Incheon In Songdo, an international city located 15 mins away, there is Convensia, the only exhibition and conference venue in Incheon. Convensia hosts a variety of international events and exhibitions throughout the year. At Tri-Bowl, a concert hall, the visitors can view Incheon's famous musical show 'Bibab' all year round.