Coordinator & Concierge service

International Cooperation Team


Since 2014, our team has been going to the extra mile for international patients visiting Nasaret International Hospital. To make quick and effective way of providing Nasaret International Hospital's excellent medical services for all, our international coordinators become bridges to connect foreign patients and our hospital. Our team will be a superb advocate for all patients, supporting the best of language, coordinating and concierge services to the patients of Nasaret International Hospital and beyond. We believe we are all connected. Health maketh the world! Thank you!

English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolian

Coordinating and Concierge Service

Airport pick-up and sending service

Pick-up and sending service
No. Cars Person Price(KRW) Additional notes
1 Sedan 1~3 80,000 * These are complimentary benefits for check up and in-patients
2 Van 4~7 120,000
3 Ambulance 1~2 150,000
4 Mini-bus 15~20 150,000

20 minutes from the Incheon international airport, 10 minutes from Songdo Free International Economic Zone

Good networks with some hotels in Incheon so that we can book a hotel/motel room in a reasonable price for our patients if there is demand.

No. Name of hotel Price(KRW) Website Grade
1 Goldcoast Incheon 60,000 ★★★
2 Incheon Stay 60,000 ★★★
3 Orakai Songdo 100,000 ★★★★
4 Central park 100,000 ★★★★
5 Sheraton Incheon 175,000 ★★★★★

*The price could be changed under any circumstances of the providers.

Great foreign restaurants nearby the hospital.
* A Russian restaurant

No. Menu Price(KRW)
1 Seasonal salad 5,000
2 Soup & bread 7,000
3 Entrée(fish) 9,000
4 Entrée(meat) 10,000
5 Dessert & tea 5,000

*The price could be changed under any circumstances of the providers.

Contact us for further details. We are here for you!