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Nasaret International Hospital selected as designated hospital by Incheon Military Manpower Administration [인천병무청, 나사렛국제병원 지정병원 선정]

Original article written by Moon Chan-sik, Simin Ilbo [2019 Apr 29]

Nasaret International Hospital (Yeonsu-gu, Incheon) was selected as one of the designated hospitals by the Incheon Military Manpower Administration (MMA).

According to the Incheon MMA on the 29th, an MMA-designated hospital is a hospital that can issue a military medical certificate that can be referred to for military service dismissal during the military service examination.

MMA-designated hospitals operate to prevent fair and accurate military dismissal and exemption from military service by referring to the military service certificate issued through a rigorous process.

The designated hospital selects medical institutions above the hospital level in consideration of the number of military service resources, transportation convenience, and hospital operation status.

The Incheon MMA manages 23 designated hospitals, including Nasaret International Hospital. Hospital information such as the location of selected hospitals and medical courses are provided on the MMA website.

However, if there is a record of hospital treatment or hospitalization for more than 6 months or hospitalization or operation for more than 1 month at a general hospital other than the designated hospital, the medical certificate of the hospital may be referred for military dismissal.

Nasaret International Hospital opened in May 15, 2009. It was selected after reviewing the requirements for designating selected hospitals, including the size of the hospital, medical treatment, basic medical equipment holdings, and full-time specialists.


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