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Do not ignore pain and discomfort in your abdomen [복부 통증·울렁거림 참지 마세요]

# I have appendicitis, can I just remove it?

Appendicitis is a very common disease that affects about 7% of the population, and it is also the most common surgery performed by general surgeons.
So where is the appendix in our body? The location of the appendix is ​​associated with the cecum. The cecum is a pocket-like area where the small intestine and the large intestine meet, and at the end is a worm-shaped appendix. If the appendix is ​​blocked by some cause, the bacteria multiplies and secretions cannot escape, causing inflammation. This is called appendicitis.

The appendix does not have a great effect on the digestive function itself, even when detached from the body, and it is known that no special changes are made to our bodies. On the contrary, if the treatment is delayed and the operation is delayed, complications, including peritonitis and sepsis, can lead to death. Also, due to worsening symptoms, it may not be a simple appendectomy but an entire right-sided colon resection, which removes tissue from the small intestine and the transverse colon.

# Is appendicitis surgery simple?

Appendicitis patients usually complain of abdominal pain and wheezing, and visit a hospital due to the post-surgery symptoms. Appendicitis is confirmed by abdominal ultrasonography, X-rays, blood tests, and computed tomography (CT) tests. However, among the patients themselves, the symptoms are not so severe, and the diagnosis of appendicitis is often questionned.

In general, the initial stages appendicitis may cause pain, nausea, and vomiting of the upper abdomen or the entire abdomen, followed by fever and lower abdominal pain. However, for patients who have had tolerable pain for several days, appendicitis had already developed into perforation, pus or peritonitis, which may require longer surgery and recovery. Therefore, it is important to be diagnosed as soon as possible in order to prevent complications when lower right abdominal pain occurs.

# Appendectomy with fast recovery by laparoscopic surgery

Most appendixes are diagnosed with appendicitis. You will be able to eat from the next day after surgery, and you will usually be discharged two days later. At Nazareth International Hospital, laparoscopic surgery is used to perform a fast recovery with almost no scar.

Appendicitis has high prevalence among younger people in their 10s and 20s. Appendicitis is rare in children and the elderly, compared to other age groups, but the symptoms are vague and easily perforated, so care is needed.

Written with the help of Dr. Jo Ju Hyun, General Surgery Dept., Nasaret International Hospital

Original article by Kiho Ilbo
Published Jun 19 2019


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