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If injured during physical activities, personalized treatment must be determined [운동하다 다치면 증상 따라 맞춤 치료법 찾아야]

# Increase of musculoskeletal sports injuries with increasing athletic population

Sports impairment means "all kinds of damages that occur during sporting events or recreational activities." Causes include direct or indirect trauma, overuse and environmental factors. Among these, trauma and overuse mainly cause musculoskeletal sports injuries.
Due to increased interest in health and active leisure activities, the number of patients with musculoskeletal sports injuries is increasing in the orthopedic department at Nasaret International Hospital.

# Finding a specialist with different therapies for different symptoms

The main symptom of musculoskeletal damage caused by sports injury is a 'sprain' in which a ligament (cartilage that connects bones with other bone) is stretched or ruptured or the same with tendons which connect bones to muscles, fractures in which bones are broken by external forces, and 'dislocation', when joints that separate bones become separated.

Sports injuries are sudden, painful with rapid swelling, and physical changes such as visuals or sounds immediately appear, so if you feel abnormal, it is good to see an orthopedic specialist.

First, the 'RICE Treatment Principle' can be applied in case of sports injuries and minor damage. 'R' means rest, reducing pain and preventing secondary damage. "I" stands for ice, cold therapy, and "C" stands for compression. Cold therapy and compression work to reduce pain and reduce edema. 'E' stands for elevation, reducing bleeding and reducing swelling.

Cruciate ligament rupture or meniscus rupture caused by sports injuries usually involves arthroscopic surgery, in which a small incision is made in the joint and a small camera along with surgical instruments are inserted.

In the case of 'fractures', a conservative treatment with the usage of a cast is sufficient, and surgery is only necessary depending on the area and severity.

The first treatment method to 'dislocation' is attempting to restore the correct position of the joints, and then checking for any damage to the ligaments and cartilage, etc., with surgical treatment only if necessary. Frequent chronic instability in the shoulder joint should be treated surgically as well.

If there is a suspicion of fractures or dislocations during sporting activities, it is necessary to fix the splints with tools available in the field in an emergency, to reduce secondary damage and stabilize the damaged area.

# The importance of prior knowledge and warm up

Sports injuries are usually caused by a lack of prior knowledge as well as measures taken for the prevention of injuries, mostly caused by excessive exercise or overuse. Each person should consider their physical characteristics, flexibility, and gender before composing the exercise. Consideration should also be given to climate conditions and, where necessary, appropriate equipment and protective equipment.

Warming up and stretching before and after exercising is essential to preventing sports injuries. Warming up, such as jumping in place or jump rope, warms you up and prepares you for exercise.

Stretching is a light stretch that stretches your tendons and muscles without elasticity or recoil. It gives elasticity to muscles, tendons, ligaments, increases the range of motion of the joints, increases the effectiveness of exercise, and increases flexibility to help prevent joint damage.

Written with the help of Dr. Jung Yong Gap, Chief of Joint Center at Nasaret International Hospital


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