Religious rooms

Catholic Chapel

Living a life of love is beautiful. Nasaret International Hospital’s Catholic Chapel practices the love of Christ our Lord and Saviour by guiding our patients to find the meaning of their pain and suffering in Jesus Christ through charity and empathy: listening and caring for each other.

The Evangelical Mission of the Catholic Chapel

We are dedicated to carrying on the will of Jesus Christ, the healer, through constant prayer and service to relieve the physical illnesses and inner sufferings of our patients and their families through faith in the Lord: the one who heals. In order to spread this faith, we perform liturgy and sacraments, visit our sisters and brothers who are patients, pray, offer counselling and provide activities for holistic care.。

Hospital Priest Jang Sae Yoon Moses
Nun Sisters of Divine Providence Shim Hyun Oak Viola Sr
Royal Building 10F Catholic Chapel (IBK bank building) +82 (0)32-813-9327
Catholic Chapel Activities

Patient ·Guardian

  • Visiting, conversation, prayers, counselling
  • liturgy – Mass
  • Sacraments – Anointing of the sick, penance, communion, baptism, private baptism, etc.
  • Religious activity – Easter and Christmas events, International Patient Solidarity Day, etc.
  • Education – Patients, staff: Catechesis, volunteer education
Liturgy Information
Category Types Locations
Sunday Mass 2 pm Every Saturday Royal Building 10F Catholic Chapel (IBK Bank Building)
Sacrament of Penance Every week, before & after Mass
Ward visiting prayers every Wednesday all wards.

Protestant Chapel

Nasaret International Protestant Chapel respects life, performs charity and spreads the Lord’s love and holistic care for the patients suffering and their families.

Vision of the Protestant Chapel

We respect life, perform charity and spread the Lord’s love and holistic care to patients and their families.

Members of Protestant chapel
Won Hyun GOH Chaplain+82 (0)10-7590-3987
Protestant Chapel+82 (0)32-810-9328~9
Worship Information
Category Time Location
Sunday worship Every Sunday 10:30 am, 6:30 pm 12F Seminar Room.
Children’s worship Every Sunday 2 pm 12F Seminar Room.
Wednesday worship Every Wednesday 6:30 pm 12F Seminar Room.
The Protestant chapel’s in-hospital voluntary works
Category Time Location
Book Rental Monday ~ Friday 2 pm ~ 3 pm (Traveling Library: Tuesday 2 pm) 8F Protestant chapel,
please bring ID cards.
Lunchbox service for guardians Every Friday 12 pm 8F Protestant chapel
Wednesday worship Every Wednesday 6:30 pm 12F Seminar Room
Hair-washing volunteer work Tuesday 2 pm, Friday 10 am, Sunday 4 pm For patients without a guardian
Bath volunteer work Female patients Tuesday 2 pm, Friday 10 am, Sunday 4 pm. For patients without a guardian
Male patients Sunday 2 pm
Barber/Haircut volunteer work every 4th Tuesday of the month, 10 am 8F Protestant chapel
Wheelchair rental Frequently 8F Protestant chapel, please bring ID card.
Gift exchange Easter, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Staff & patient gift
Enquiry · Join
Protestant chapel +82 (0)32-810-9328~9,
+82 (0)10-2817-8917

Buddhist Prayer Room

"Find peace in Buddha " Find serenity and solace in Buddha. Nasaret international Hospital Buddhist Prayer Room offers a place to return to your origin, teaches Buddha’s lessons and offers Buddhist services to help us find nirvana and solace.

Here at the Buddhist Prayer Room you will be released from the worries, concern, sorrow and pain of the material world. Suffering is not to be borne, but to be let go. There is a Hall of Nirvana where you can empty all your kleshas (defilement).

Location & Contact

Royal Building (IBK Bank Building) 10F Buddhist Prayer Room / +82 (0)32-810-9326

Buddhist Service Information

Every Sunday 2 pm

The Buddhist Prayer Room’s in-hospital voluntary works

Everyday we pay a visit to each ward to share Buddha’s lessons with patients.