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Nasaret International Hospital receives No. 1 in Adequate Pneumonia Assessment in 2019 [나사렛국제병원, 2019년 폐렴적정성평가 최우수 1등급 획득]


Nasaret International Hospital receives No. 1 in Adequate Pneumonia Assessment in 2019

Mortality rate for elderly aged 65 and over with pneumonia is 70 times higher than those under 65

Nasaret International Hospital announced on the 31st that it had obtained the best rating by ranking 1st in the 2019 Adequate Assessment for Pneumonia announced by the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service.

The Evaluation Office discloses the results of pneumonia adequacy evaluation to improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia as well as to provide high quality medical services.

The third round of evaluations was performed by hospital-grade medical institutions that provided antibiotic treatment (injection) for adults aged 18 and older who were admitted with community-acquired pneumonia from October to December 2017.

Evaluation indicators included oxygen saturation test rate, severity test rate, sputum smear and culture test rate, and blood culture test rate before the first antibiotic administration, antibiotic dosage rate within 8 hours of hospital arrival, anti-smoking education rate, pneumococcal vaccination confirmation rate, etc., combining a total of eight is evaluated areas.

Nasaret International Hospital received a first-grade score of 90.

Pneumonia rose from the 10th cause of death in Korea in 2005 to the 4th place in 2015.

In particular, the mortality rate of the elderly aged 65 or older due to pneumonia is about 70 times compared to those under 65, which is very dangerous for the elderly.

Nasaret International Hospital is recognized as a hospital that is efficient at treating lung disease because it received the highest grade of grade 1 in not only pneumonia but also chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

A hospital official said, “We will continue to improve medical quality with the vision of becoming the number one hospital in Incheon in 2022 by providing the best medical services to patients through continuous research and investment.”

Original article by Jung Chang Kyo of Kookmin Ilbo
2019 Mar 31


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