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Hemorrhoids make my business difficult [용변 볼 때마다 말 못할 고통… 항문이 괴로워!]

Park Mo, a 40-year-old office worker, experienced pain because of his protruding anus whenever he felt tired. Lately, blood began to appear with every waste he took. Park, whose pain and blood discharge decreased, was diagnosed with hemorrhoids after evaluation.

# Hemorrhoidal survery ranked 3rd in 2017

According to the National Health Insurance Corporation, hemorrhoid surgery in 2017 was 200,000, ranking third among the most performed surgeries. Hemorrhoids is a national disease that should no longer be ashamed and hidden.

Hemorrhoids is a general term for diseases of the anus referring to conditions such as prolapsed and thrombosed.

Hemorrhoids are a condition in which the vessels of the anus or lower rectum is enlarged and elongated to form a lump. Hemorrhoids are primarily intended to mitigate the impact of defecation and to prevent incontinence.

However, if the hemorrhoids swell due to various causes such as blood circulation disorder, tension, and irregular bowel habits, they will pop out of or into the anus. If the hemorrhoids come out of the anus, they may cause a sense of pressure or itching, and the protruding tissue may be damaged during defecation, resulting in bloody stools.

On the other hand, anal fissures are a tear in the area around the anus. The stool is stiff due to stiff skin, which can lead to anal ulcers after repeated tearing.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are caused by pus inside the abscess around the anus and is painful.

# Treatment depends on your symptoms

Hemorrhoids are divided into stages 1 to 4, depending on symptoms and severity. Hemorrhoids in stages 1 and 2 are almost painless despite bleeding after defecation, and the bump returns into the body. The third stage is when the hemorrhoid can be pushed back in by hand, and the fourth stage does not enter the body at all.

Since the operation method and treatments are different depending on the patient's condition, it is necessary to accurately determine the extent of the anal disease by consulting a specialist.

Early treatment for hemorrhoids stages 1 ~ 2 are to soften stools, supervised diet, and sitz baths. If the pain persists and hemorrhoids reach stages 3 to 4 , surgery to remove the increased hemorrhoidal tissue is effective. In the past, after the surgery, the pain was so severe that patients had to be hospitalized for about a week, but recently, it is possible to resume normal life after being hospitalized for 2-3 days.

# Eat fruits and vegetables rich in fiber to prevent hemorrhoids

In order to prevent and manage hemorrhoids, it is important to improve blood circulation around the anus. It's a good idea to warm your lower body. Hot baths can help reduce the symptoms by smoothing blood circulation around the anus. Constipation also worsens hemorrhoids, so be careful. For smooth bowel movements, eat vegetables and fruits rich in water and fiber, and avoid excessive excessive drinking and fatty foods.

These days, many often sit for more than 10 minutes on thier cell phone in the bathroom. But the longer you sit on the toilet, the higher the pressure on your anus and the more likely you are to get hemorrhoids.

Written with the help of  Deputy Director Cho Joo Hyun of Nasaret International Hospital
Original Article by Kiho Ilbo [2019 Mar 27]


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