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Excessive exercise and diet- a call for muscle damage [무리한 운동·살빼기 근육손상 부른다]

# The color of my urine is strange when I am on a diet.

Spring came as flowers bloomed with warm winds and our clothes became lighter. It is also a season when many people start exercising to overcome the belly fat hidden in their winter clothes. There are quite a few exercise centers to join when on exciting diets, and there are a lot of strength training programs that keep you tuned to music such as spinning, jumping diets, crossfits, and zumba. However, some people may have been surprised to find that their urine resembled cola when they tried excessive exercise without considering their individual condition.

# Rhabdomyolysis, a problem even if you exercise a lot

This is due to a disease called rhabdomyolysis.

Rhabdomyolysis is a disease caused by muscle damage. Myoglobin, creatine kinase, and electrolytes in the injured muscle enter the blood, which causes brown urine, decreased renal function and electrolyte imbalance. Most patients visit the hospital for complaints of severe pain and weakness in the damaged muscles, and urinating cola.

Trauma is the most common cause of rhabdomyolysis, and nontraumatic causes include drug abuse, alcohol dependence, hyperthermia, infections, and excessive exercise. Therefore, excessive exercise the next day after drinking can increase the incidence of rhabdomyolysis. Rhabdomyolysis may occur even when you are doing high-intensity exercises such as marathon on hot summer days because muscle damage is better in hot and humid environments.

15 to 50% of rhabdomyolysis patients have acute renal impairment, and hemodialysis patients who visit actual center of Nazareth International Hospital undergo severe dialysis due to severe muscle damage due to rhabdomyolysis and hyperkalemia.

In rare cases, very severe swelling of the muscles also leads to the development of compartment syndrome, which may require surgical treatment.

# Exercise that fits your fitness level and drinking plenty of fluids is important

The treatment for rhabdomyolysis is a large amount of fluid therapy to drain the damaged muscle cells into the urine. If it is not that severe, you plenty of water will do the job. It is also necessary to reduce activity and give enough rest to prevent further muscle damage.

In order to prevent rhabdomyolysis, it is important to gradually increase the intensity of exercise with your physical condition and basic fitness in mind, and refrain from exercising in a closed environment with high temperature and humidity.

When muscles are damaged, pain and changes in urine color are son to follow. If there is a change in urine color after intense exercise or muscle pain persists, visit a hospital immediately to perform urine tests and blood tests for muscle cell damage and check with a specialist.

Written with the help of Dr. Ryu Soo Ryung, Nephrology Dept., Nasaret International Hospital
Original Article by Kiho Ilbo [2019 Apr 17]


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